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Not all switchgear meets today’s industry needs. Some switchgear types do not have the features necessary to meet changing climate, operational ease, and safety considerations.

With climate change, flooding now occurs in areas where it historically didn’t occur. When exposed to flood water, some switchgear may become severely damaged and nonoperational. Repairing the gear is time-consuming and costly, and power reliability is negatively impacted while the switchgear is out of service.

Many styles of switchgear also require tedious staff training on complicated operation and maintenance procedures. Any misstep in the switchgear’s operating sequence can lead to major damage, which is also time-consuming and costly to repair. The lack of operational ease, and the higher chance of operational missteps, also can affect crew safety. If the switchgear is not arc-resistant, the crew injury risk increases.

Switchgear customers have dealt with these challenges for decades, assuming they were just the cost of doing business. But other switchgear options exist today.

A Reliable Solution

Vista switchgear provides fully submersible reliable protection, even in the face of major weather events. Vista switchgear’s simple, three-position switch with single handle operation and larger windows to see the contact position allow for operations to be performed without confusion. Vista switchgear requires virtually no maintenance, reducing operating and maintenance costs.


For outdoor, space-constrained and harsh environments, use the underground distribution switchgear that was designed for those applications. These applications must be or have:

Robust, Compact and Submersible

Flexible solutions for pad-mount or vault application

Improved Operator Safety

Visible gap allows confirmation of contact position


Three-position switching enables internal grounding


Single handle operation

Reduced Maintenance and Training Costs

Hermetically sealed design


No mechanical maintenance


Self-powered overcurrent protection

Switchgear Products

green pad-mounted underground distribution switchgear

Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear

Vista switchgear solves difficult switching and protection challenges and improves reliability using SF6 insulating gas. Built with the user in mind, it only takes one person to operate, and includes other features designed for operator safety, such as highly visible gaps.

 Zero emissions solid dielectric pad, live front switchgear, zero emissions, solid dielectric, vault mounted

Vista SD Underground Distribution Switchgear

Vista SD switchgear is another eco-friendly option that uses solid-dielectric material instead of an insulating gas. With its highly visible breaks, flexible design, and front-facing terminations, this switchgear is particularly advantageous in vault applications and at higher altitudes.


Easy Access and Operation

Secure Access & Easy Operation

Access and operate unit without cable-handling* or high-voltage exposure.

Dust, Corrosion and Leak-Proof

Dust, Corrosion & Leak-Proof

Prevent leaking, rusting, or contamination to switchgear with a sealed design.

Multiple Installation Styles

Multiple Installation Styles

Choose from pad-mounted, vault-mounted, single-way wind-turbine**, or UnderCoverTM style** units.

Manual or Automatic

Manual or Automatic

Choose automatic, manual, or remote operational capabilities with a motor operator.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Minimal mechanical maintenance is required once a unit is installed; only an annual visual inspection is recommended.

Overcurrent Control

Overcurrent Control

Superior coordination, flexibility, and reliability are made possible with a self-powered and user-friendly control.

Cable-Free Grounding

Cable-Free Grounding

Ground medium-voltage cables using a standard internal ground switch.*

Visible Open Gap

Visible Open Gap

Easily confirm closed, open, and grounded* positions through large viewing windows.

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

Multiple configuration options to meet specific application requirements.

Greater Load Capacity

Greater Load Capacity

Up to six switch and fault interrupter “ways” per unit.

Indoor or Outdoor

Requires no additional housing, saving you money and giving you maximum flexibility.

Arc Resistant

Certified arc-resistant for safe operation and maintenance without high premiums.*

*Applies to Vista Underground Distribution Switchgear only.

Case Studies

Customer successes achieved using Vista and Vista SD switchgear.

West Coast Utility

Improved reliability and perfect coordination, while use of UnderCover Style units makes switchgear virtually invisible in the community.

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Vista® Switchgear, Protection-and-Control Scheme Help to Modernize Smelter Facility

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Arizona Utility

Utility standardizes Vista switchgear on its system after this project’s success.

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